We harvest bananas all year round and we now grow 12 varieties of bananas. These can be seen and explained while on a farm tour. Depending on the time of the year you can also get to taste them and differentiate them from one another.

We will show you how to prepare a hole for planting bananas, organic manure needed for that and how a healthy banana sucker is picked for planting. As a part of a group you can plant a banana tree together while on a tour.

After the tour we can also show you: Banana Beer (In Swahili; Mbege) making experience. Unpeeled bananas kept in a pit for some days to ripen. One then takes the meat from the skin, after which it is, juiced, filtered, and diluted. Yeast is added in the form of sorghum or millet. You can sample the local beer made from Bananas right away.


In Tanzania, Arabica coffee mostly grows in the northern part of the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, under the shade of trees and banana plants. Our farm is just in a perfect place for coffee growing and we have a small farm with 450 coffee plants that you can visit while staying with us. We also have a nursery for grafting coffee plants on site.

Depending on the season, guests can experience at first-hand how coffee trees are planted and pruned, coffee berries are harvested and fermented, or how the beans are dried and sorted. A comprehensive introduction given in our coffee nursery followed by a walk through our farm with the owner (Godwin) or one of our guides will provide you with great knowledge on coffee planting.

After the farm tour you have the opportunity to learn how to roast coffee. With this Coffee roasting experience, we will teach you how coffee is locally processed in local Tanzanian homes.

You will participate in grinding, pounding, winnowing coffee seeds, roasting while singing and dancing.

Watch coffee seeds turn from cream white to a dark brown fine product. Feel the aroma of pure coffee with no artificial additives.

You can finally relax with a cup of coffee in our beautiful gardens either at the hostel or down the farm.


You can always buy freshly roasted coffee beans and ground coffee at the farm to take home with you. Please inform one of our staff about this and we will be happy to prepare the coffee for you.


At Banana Farm we give you the opportunity to have your milk and meet the cow too. Please let us know if you are interested to do this for free but be sure to either wake up at 6:00am or be at the farm before 5:00pm.We milk the cows twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.